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Movement Monitoring devices and services from Structural Health Data Systems (SHDS)



Currently available only in the US & Canada, with plans for other countries soon.

Product and Lease Description

More information about the Movement Monitoring setup, data collection, transmission and viewing is provided elsewhere on this website. In brief, the User receives devices that are to be installed by the User, after which the User can view and interact with tables and graphs that show movement measurements and related data. SHDS leases and/or sells Movement Monitors (MMs )that electronically measure 2-dimensional movement of up to about 1-inch (25mm) in the x-direction and 1⁄2-inch (13mm) in the y. The Client will need to reposition an MM if movement exceeds the device range.

The battery-powered MM sends measurements by Bluetooth to a plug-in Transceiver (TS) that sends the information via cell tower or satellite to the internet. The MM and TS can communicate up to about 150-feet apart across an open space, but less with intervening signal obstacles. Several MMs can connect to one (1) TS. The User is responsible for choosing locations to mount the MMs and for interpreting the data.

Lease Beginning and Ending.

  • The Lease and/or Data Subscription Beginning: Begins when an MM or TS is activated, or within 2 weeks of the shipping date, whichever is less.
  • Lease and/or Data Subscription Ending: Ends when requested in writing by the Client, or if payment is not received by SHDS by the lease renewal date. Leased devices must be returned to SHDS in good condition less normal wear and tear within 1 month of the lease end, otherwise Client agrees to pay and authorizes SHDS to charge to the Client’s credit card up to $160 per device, less $13 per month that the device lease was paid. After receipt of 12 lease payments, devices do not need to be returned and no amount is due for the device.

Cost and Payment. Cost information is on this website Order Form. Payment is by credit card on this website. Please call to arrange other payment methods.

Client is responsible for shipping costs to return devices that have been leased for less than 12 months. Devices leased for more than 12 months do not need to be returned.

Payment: The Client’s credit card will be debited monthly after the start of the Lease and/or Data Subscription for the following month unless or until canceled. The Client agrees to allow SHDS to debit their credit card for costs as ordered from the order form and as described in these Terms and Conditions.

Leased MMs and TSs remain the property of SHDS, and are to be returned by the Client to SHDS in good condition less normal wear and tear when the lease is ended by choice or non-payment. The Client’s credit card will be debited, and Client agrees to pay, $160 per MM or TS that has not been returned within a month after the Lease ends or whose returned condition is worse than normal wear and tear, less $13 per month that the device lease was paid, unless mutually agreed in writing otherwise. After receipt of 12 lease payments, devices do not need to be returned and no amount is due on the device.

Data is available for viewing and downloading by Client-authorized Users up to 1 month after the Lease and/or Data Subscription ends. Client is encouraged to download the data prior to that date.

Product Performance and Remedy. The Client can expect the product to generally perform as described on SHDS’ website and in this Agreement. Data is expected to be recorded hourly. However, like with other electronic devices, some data collection may be missed. The User should check on data collection and inform SHDS if readings are missed so that SHDS can address the issue. The remedy for missing data due to MM or TS deficiencies is limited to SHDS reducing the Lease and/or Data Subscription rate by the percentage of hourly readings missed for the previous month’s lease, or other remedy of similar magnitude mutually agreed by SHDS and Client. SHDS may also send replacement devices to remedy performance deficiencies of a device.

If the Client is not satisfied with a Leased MM or the data collection and website services at any time, the devices may be returned to SHDS for a refund for that month’s Leased charges, provided, however, that SHDS is notified in writing of the desire to end the Lease and the leased devices are returned to SHDS in good and usable condition (less normal wear and tear) within one month of SHDS receiving the lease-ending notification. Client agrees to not pursue other remedies.

If a Client is not satisfied with a purchased MM or TS, the device may be returned for reimbursement or replacement, as described in the warranty provided with the purchase.  Client agrees to not pursue other remedies

Agreement Changes. SHDS may change this Agreement from time to time by notifying Client by email or other written communication. After such notification, Client’s continued access to or use of the Site, and/or not returning leased devices as described previously, signifies acceptance of the modifications.

Conclusion. By ordering this Lease, products, Data Service and/or otherwise interacting with SHDS, Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions. 

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