What's Needed

The key to making good decisions regarding building cracks is DATA.  Accurate, sufficiently detailed, reliable DATA

Until recently, the only way to obtain appropriate data has been through sophisticated and cost prohibitive monitoring equipment normally operated by specialty companies. Alternatively, low-tech manual gauges require individual readings which are typically widely separated in time by costly field technicians. 

NOW, a breakthrough Internet-Of-Things device that combines automated precision measurement, web-based data access, and software analysis tools for everyday use.

GREAT DATA empowers Decision Makers!


The Solution

Motion Marker

Structural Health Data System’s principle product is just such a revolutionary Crack Monitor – an automated, web-enabled, remotely accessed monitor.

Once installed, our patent pending device reliably measures and transmits crack movement data to cloud based data system. Hourly crack movement measurements are made with less than 0.01 inch precision in two dimensions.  Environmental measurements including temperature, humidity and soil moisture are also available. Measurements for greater than 3 years on a single coin cell battery are typical.

RICH DATA:  From any web accessible device, hundreds of relevant, accurate data points can be instantly reduced to highlight critical issues. What takes days can be done in minutes with vastly improved accuracy.